The Good Ol’ David Cook

David Cook is obviously the winner of American Idol Season 7.

Yes, he defeated the booming fangirls of David Archuleta. He was clearly invisible (Yes, invisible not invincible) during the early weeks (From Audition to 80’s Week). He was never really expected to reach Top 12. It was then until he performed a different version of Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Pt. 1 Week) was he recognized. It was that week which made him the winner. The predicted winner who is Star Search veteran David Archuleta only emerged as a runner-up. Cook unintentionally made Simon Cowell apologize to him. His winning song is “The Time of My Life” which was picked as the winning song by the jurors. Cook previously released his album called “Analog Heart” at an independent label. Obviously, it was sunk (Awww). The song “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey in which he made a different version is clearly a hit in radios worldwide. He cried when he won American Idol. It was all luck. He didn’t intentionally join. It was his brother who made him join that show. His brother just dragged him. But look, he emerged victorious. DCook also has a brother who has cancer. It was even touching when his cancer-patient brother went to the studio to watch DCook perform.

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