Globe and its Damnly things

I’m friggin’ pissed. Hope there’s a solution.

I just went to SM yesterday and visited Globe Telecom. I asked one of the employees IF they could unblock my SIM which is obviously blocked because I forgot my PIN a little while and now it’s asking for a PUK code; which I also forgot and the paper that contained the PUK Code was gone. She said “Ask the Security Guard, He knows a LOT of things”. So, I asked him “Can you unblock my phone?” He asked if it was postpaid or prepaid. I answered “Prepaid”. He answered back “No Can do”. I was like “GAWD!” Globe doesn’t have a PUK Code Generator! O2 even has one. Mah gawd. Philippines is pitily poor. O2 is from the other countries by the way. If only our country would progress. Right now, I’m still looking for that piece of paper which contains the PUK Code, and I’m also hoping that the other branches of Globe HAS ANSWERS.

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