Hitman Reborn! and Naruto

Err.. Something’s wrong here.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is seriously having some problems. It’s like they have inconsistency when publishing them. The Scanlations. Everything. As I’ve looked at the Scanlators, I’ve noticed that they’re clearly different unlike Naruto who has SleepyFans doing the job. Well, SleepyFans is encountering some scandals. Well. 202 and 203 are finally out. Yeay! Also, the last part of 203. Mangaddicted needs a Translator. Better find one now. I’m looking forward for another 8059. Hibari’s gonna defeat that Phantom Knight! Go Hiba!

Well, as for Naruto. The 8th-tailed Jinchuuriki is so effin’ cool. Hiphop guy! He also looks like some gangsta who just got out of jail. Well, predictable fight. Sasuke’s gonna let him STFU anyway. Naruto’s training with the Sage Frog just like Jiraiya! Go Naruto!


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