A Cute Story

Hey there! Just wanted to share this story. It’s a story originally made by a friend of mine. I have no time for fixing those “errors”. I’ll be copy-pasta-ing it.


Charles Is Just An Ordinary Kid With A Good Potential.
He Studies Well Every Night And Does His Homework Daily And Never Skips A Meal.
He Is The Top Student In Their School , Won Both Math And Science Quizbowls , And Won A Trophy For Being A Good Chess Player.
He Has Never Had A Relationship Before Because All The Girls In School Thinks He Is A Nerd.
Not Because He Has Won Several Contest And Trophies But Because Of His Attire.
His Whole Life Changed When Two Transferees Came To The Same School. (Anna , Christine)
When The New Transferees Came Most Boys Gazed At Them And Admired Their Beauty.
Not Only Were They Beautiful They Were Smart And Talented To.
As The Days Passed By , Charles Wanted To Talk To The Girls And Wanted To Invite Them To His Club, The Science Club.
The Girls Liked The Idea Of Joining The Science Club And Registered There.
Boys Were Following The Girls And Registered On The Same Club As They Were.
The Science Club’s Members Rapidly Increased Because Of The 2 Attractive But Smart Girls.

Months After Joining The Club , Charles Suddenly Had A Feeling For Ana.
He Said To Himself , “Today Will Be The Day That Will Change My Life”.
He Slowly Walked Near To Ana And Told Her That He Likes Her.
Ana Shocked Said To Charles, “You Know Charles , I Like You , But Only As A Friend , I Have A Boyfriend Already”.
Charles Shocked , Ana And Her Boyfriend Walked Away Leaving Charles All Alone.
Charles On The Other Hand Managed To Come To His Senses And Slowly Walked Home.
When He Reached His House, He Went Straight To Bed Crying Himself To Sleep.
Being So Sad He Said To Himself , “I’ll Change You’ll See , You’ll See The True Me “
Sunday Came And He Went To The Mall , He Shopped For Clothes , Got A Haircut , Bought Contact Lenses And Said “Tomorrow You’ll Be Surprised!”.

WhenMonday Came , Everyone Was Surprised At The New Charles.
He Didn’t Look Like A Geek Anymore.
He Was Wearing The Most Stylish Clothes In The Market.
His Hair Was So Stylish That Even The Emo’s Admired It.
His Shoes Were So Cool That The Girls Talked About It.
It Didn’t Take Long Before Ana Heard The News.
He Went To See Charles And Was Surprised.
She Said ,”Charles You’ve Changed ?! So Quickly”.
He Replied . “I Kinda Know That?! Would You Step Away! Your Blocking My Way!”
Ana Who Has Never Been Embarrassed Like That Before Ran Crying To The Comfort Room.
Charles Then Said ,”No Body Cares About A Cry Baby!”

Christine Then Came In The Story And Slapped Charles.
He Then Said ,”What Was That For !?”
She Replied .,”Isn’t It Obvious Its For My Bestfriend Who You Just Embarrassed!.
Then She Walked Away, All The People Were Starring At Charles Angrily For What He Did.
He Went To See Ana But Didn’t See Her Anywhere.
She Asked Christine But Nothing Came Out of Her Mouth Except ” Shut Up! You Don’t Need To Know Where She Is! “
Charles Kept Trying And Trying To Find Her But Couldn’t Find Her.
He Decided To Give Up, He Went To The Playground And Saw Ana There.
He Ran As Quickly As Possible And Then Ana Disappeared.
The Next Day He Heard The News That A Girl Named Ana Has Died.
She Died Because Of Suicide , And Before She Died She Wrote Something On Her Diary And Her Last Words Were :

Charles , I Love You , The Boyfriend That You Saw Was A Gay , I Told Him/Her To Act That Way So That You Would Become Jealous And Try To Win Me , I Didn’t Expect That You Were Just Going To Say Those Words To Me.. Im Just So Sad That The Last Thing You Said To Me Was :

“I Kinda Know That?! Would You Step Away! Your Blocking My Way!”

And Then I Knew What I Had To Do, All I Had To Do Was To Commit Suicide So That The Pain I’m Feeling Would Be Gone… I Told Christine To Give You A Letter … I Hope You Read It …

Goodbye ….

PS ““

Charles Feeling Guilt Rushed To Christine And Took The Letter From Her .
Christine Hesitated But Soon Just Gave It.
Christine Was Crying And So Was Charles.
The Message Was..

Charles I Love You ,

Since The Day I Saw You I Never Thought For A Second That You Were A Nerd.
I Always Thought You Were The Coolest Person In School.
Even Until Know That’s What I Still Think.
I’m Sorry I Was Only Able To Tell You I Love You Know.
I’m Also Sorry For Making You Jealous.
I Really Wished I Could’ve Spent More Time With You.
I Really Love You.

I’ll Love You Till The End.

Charles Crying As He Said Every Word Knelt Down And Asked Forgiveness From Her.
Then An Angel Appeared, It Was Ana, Ana Said He Was Forgiven And That She Should Be The One To Be Saying Sorry Since It Was All Her Plan To Make Him Jealous.
Charles Bid Goodbye To Ana And Told Her He Loved Her Too.
Ana Said Before She Left, Christine I Know You Love Charles And Charles I Also Know You Like Christine , I’ll be Watching Both Of You From Heaven And Bless You Both.
I Love You Both , Goodbye.

After A Month , Charles And Christine Were The Ones To Be Paired , Every Day After Class They Would Go To The Cemetery And Go To Ana’s Grave To Say Thank You For Making Them Closer Together …


It’s such a cute story. Credits to Jesury for making the story.


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