Naruto 406

Yeay! Naruto’s not such a retard anymore because of Shikamaru.

Shikamaru has been booming Naruto up. Shikamaru’s so smart. Does Shiho like Shikamaru? No! I want a ShikaTema teamup! Anyways, Shikamaru is not that attractive. His brain is what he’s got. Naruto is about to reveal the code. I’m so excited. I have to know what the code means. They also got one of Pein’s bodies. Will that body move? Nooo!! Not again with one of my wild imaginations. Another prediction for Naruto 407 is that he may not know what that means. Since he doesn’t have the “brains”. But if we consider his time spent with Jiraiya. There is a possibility of knowing that code. Ratio is 55:45.. 55 is to the prediction of him knowing that code.

Another rant:: A certain person said my predictions were somehow stupid. It was a prediction, a possibility, a hypothesis. I didn’t say it was gonna happen. Hell her.


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