The truth of Mediocrity

We people just say “That’s alright, at least you did something rather than nothing”. We tend to be satisfied with our satisfactory works. But if

we make it extraordinary, we can have excellent results. Mediocre is as god as nothing. Why do we like mediocre things? Why don’t we make it extraordinary.? Why do we even stick to mediocrity when in fact we can even work it out so we can have brilliant results. We even hear people saying “Nothing is interesting with this, let’s move to that one because it’s much more cooler”. It’s just like saying “Your work is useless.”. We must take risks to make it a good work. We must have our time. Responsibility and Patience are virtues which are highly needed. So, will you still stick with mediocrity? Or do it excellently? It’s still up to you.

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